Coastliners Day Out

On the 8th of January 2020, a brave team of Coastline Gaming employees met at Endgame Escape Rooms on Pearse Street for a day of terrifying fun. They were up against clock as they attempted to escape from the notorious Pearse Street Butcher. Finding themselves in his old abattoir, the team quickly realised that they needed to piece together a variety of difficult puzzles to escape. The countless not-so-lucky victims of the Butcher had left behind a number of clues to aide the team’s escape. With 60 minutes on the clock, they got to work immediately, identifying all visible clues and patterns displayed in the room. As is the case with most escape rooms, as well as modern office settings, you need good communication skills to succeed. Developer Wayne Sheedy, a veteran of the Dublin escape room scene, quickly took charge, organising the rest of the team and jotting down all the clues available to them to begin with. It wasn’t long before the team cracked their first puzzle, which of course only lead to more puzzles to be solved solve.

After a number of exceedingly challenging brainteasers were figured out, the team found themselves in a second, dimly lit room. The star of the day, marketing executive David O’Mara, quickly identified a variety of clues in this room, which expedited the team’s escape from the perilous Butcher.

With 3 minutes left on the clock, the team successfully escaped the grasp of the Pearse Street Butcher. First time escape room attendee Himanshu Lohumi said that it was “one of the most terrifying Saturday afternoons” he had had in some time. John Doyle, Coastline Gaming’s marketing manager, had no comment, as he was still speechless long after the team escaped.

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