Terrible Christmas Sweater Competition

In which Coastline Gaming was visited by the Ghost of Terrible Christmas Sweaters…

In December 2019, as work was winding down before the Christmas holidays, it was decided that a Terrible Christmas Sweater Competition would take place in Coastline Gaming HQ. With 4 brave entrants ready to look their worst in front of their colleagues, the rules were set.

All contestants would have to present what they thought was a very terrible Christmas sweater to a panel of judges, using any sort of Christmas paraphernalia that they could get their hands on.  Furthermore, all contestants would have to wear the sweater for the duration of the work day, which later lead to some members regretting their choice of sweater decorations (looking at you, tinsel).

At 4pm, members presented their creations to the managers and finance team, who were equally impressed and appalled by the vulgar display of all things Christmas that was on show. In the final moments of the competition, as the judges were casting their votes, a late entrant, Director Dermot O’Donnell, surged to the top of the polls. In the end it went right down to the wire, as 3 contestants were neck and neck (and neck).

Ultimately, the title of winner of the 2019 Terrible Christmas Sweater Competition, and a Boojum gift card, went to marketing executive David O’Mara. In the true spirit of Christmas, he shared his prize with colleagues the following day, treating them all to a Boojum. There are already whispers of an even bigger, more terrible Christmas Sweater competition lined up for December 2020…


  1. Wayne

    Sounds like you guys had a good time, shame I missed it!

  2. Himanshu

    I’ll be back next year to win this. Only a pandemic could stop me.

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