Seachange in Bundoran

John discusses the design process in our renovation to Sands Amusements in Bundoran

This is one of my favourite projects that we’ve completed here at Coastline.

With so many locations around Ireland, it’s important that we don’t forget that each club experience matters. The benefits of renovation can give a club a new lease of life, winning new custom, keeping current players happy as well as bringing back inactive players. In February 2019, work began on refurbishing our Colms Amusements location in Bundoran, Donegal. It was to get a complete makeover both inside and out, along with a name change.

The building was starting to look a bit dated, and we wanted to make it feel fresh and modern to match with other locations in the business.

We went through multiple iterations of what it could look like:

And created a longlist of about 50 different casino names.

Which became a shortlist of 6.

And no we’re not sharing any of them because I hope to use them all someday.

Eventually we settled on the name Sands – a hat tip to a classic slots casino in Las Vegas whilst also being relevant to the beaches in Bundoran.

Post makeover

Our design for the exterior finally settled on having TV screens in the windows, eye-catching orange paint and our own Sands logo in black and white above the building.

The paint was added to brighten up the building, meaning members of the public travelling through Main Street in Bundoran wouldn’t be able to miss it. The old wooden sign was updated with a new LED-lit sign to bring the newly renamed casino into the 21st Century.

Upstairs windows were given a perspex panel with a neon casino icon in each. They really pop out against the black backdrop.

Furthermore, the 5 large screens were added to the main windows to advertise to passers-by. Inside, across both floors, a new layout to the entire Irish casino was implemented, with a much more organised selection of machines provided for members to enjoy.

This new layout was further complimented by the introduction of completely new chairs for every machine in the casino. These new chairs, a comfortable state-of-the-art casino-style swivel chair, were an instant hit with the members of Sands.

The refurbishment was very well received by members of the club and it actually ended up surpassing other locations of the business to the point where we’re planning on re-using some of the design elements from it in other places.

If you’re ever in Bundoran, Sands always has a welcoming atmosphere for you to enjoy.

Come check it out sometime!

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