Restoring Confidence In These Uncertain Times

David explains the measures Coastline Gaming has taken to ensure the safety of members visiting all 8 land casinos since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

As we reopened in all 8 locations on the 29th June, we introduced a number of Covid-19 guidelines to ensure that our members could play safely. These guidelines, inspired by the recommendations outlined by the HSE, encouraged members to observe social distancing, hand hygiene, coughing etiquette, and ensuring that they wear a mask at all times.

To help spread these guidelines to all our members, graphic designer Andre was asked to make some infographics that would help us educate our members. Andre incorporated the yellow associated with most Covid-19 materials to create tailored safety messages for our members. Once that was done, we sent a small set of printed posters to our clubs across the country. Andre also made a video reel of the designs to play on a reel 24 hours a day in the clubs.

With the help of the new digital signage in the clubs, we displayed video reels on our new digital signage throughout the clubs.

Here are some of the designs that we created as part of our efforts to raise awareness among our members:

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