Keeping Rewards Rewarding (Part 2)

Last time John talked about why the tiers of a loyalty programme need to feel different, this week David will look at the thinking behind some changes we’re planning to make to the Coastline Gaming loyalty setup

I’ve always liked that the Vantage Club is our own loyalty card which means we have full control to roll out new ideas and keep improving it. Nobody else in Ireland is linking as many clubs as we are (now up to 8 Vantage Club locations!) which means players can earn points, unlock rewards and get more from the card even if they’re away from home.

At launch, the Vantage Club had 3 levels: Gold, Platinum and Diamond. All members started on the Gold level and collected points when they played in order to progress from Gold level to Diamond to unlock rewards and benefits along the way. The Vantage Club has numerous rewards for both members and the marketing team.

For members, they receive improving benefits, including freeplay, entry into exclusive promotions and monthly postal vouchers. For the marketing team, it means we can always make sure the most loyal members are getting the best rewards. When we organise an event it’s very easy to make the shortlist of who is going to be invited to attend. It takes so much pressure off the casino managers and they can focus on what they do best: hosting our players and making sure they have a good time.

In 2019 we expanded a lot of benefits across the player base with the intention of adding in new levels to make the step progression from the introductory Gold card to the top of the mountain a bit easier.

We surveyed members over the summer and realised that this would be a great way to respond to players who felt that they weren’t getting enough from the card and improve the club experience for all members.

We had three new focus points:

  • Reward the club regular as frequently as we do our VIP players
  • Make it super clear what a member has to do to unlock a reward
  • Make sure that VIPs feel that their rewards match their VIP status

After a long period of gestation, in May 2020, the Vantage Club was upgraded to include 3 new levels: Gold+, Platinum+ and Diamond+. With these new levels, members now have even more incentives to play in our 8 locations.

Each level has a corresponding set of benefits that caters to every type of player. The new hierarchy for the Vantage Club is now Gold, Gold+, Platinum, Platinum+, Diamond, and Diamond+. Today at Coastline Gaming, as our Vantage Club memberships continue to increase, the customer experience is driving innovation.

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