Here’s The Digital Signs

David discusses the introduction of digital signs throughout the 8 land casinos, and the decisions that were made along the way.

Every year Coastline Gaming prints hundreds of posters that are displayed in the land-based casinos across the country. While some posters are used continuously throughout the year, some only serve their purpose for a month at most, after which they become redundant. This is obviously very wasteful, and until recently, was a source of a lot of after-hours pondering by the marketing department at Coastline Gaming.

Thankfully, a lightbulb moment occurred – energy-efficient digital signage could be used to be more eco-friendly, less wasteful, and save the company a lot in spending too. The team set about testing a variety of screens based on their optimal viewing angles, brightness, durability and pricing. In the end, a clear winner stood out. Now that a screen had been chosen, next a small computer was required to be attached to the rear of the screen to fill with marketing images and videos, and what better small computer is there than a Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pis are famously versatile, and thankfully there were countless developers across the globe creating software that we needed for the task at hand. Using an app called PiSignage, the marketing department in Coastline Gaming’s HQ in Dublin City can remotely control what is displayed on over 60 screens in our 8 clubs in Ireland. If a promotion is introduced in one of the clubs, we can have it being advertised in a matter of seconds via the software. If a round of bingo is scheduled to take place in an hour, we can display a countdown timer on all the screens in the club to let our members know.

The implementation of digital screens in all the clubs was a long overdue upgrade needed as the company attempts to make more eco-friendly choices each and every day.

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